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The 2015 Euromoney Cash Management survey is now CLOSED.

Results will be published in the October edition of Euromoney magazine and online at

English - Non-financial institutions
English - Financial institutions
German - Non-financial institutions
German - Financial institutions

Spanish - Non-financial institutions
Spanish - Financial institutions

French - Non-financial institutions
French - Financial institutions

Italian - Non-financial institutions
Italian - Financial institutions
Polish - Non-financial institutions
Polish - Financial institutions
Turkish - Non-financial institutions
Turkish - Financial institutions
Hungarian - Non-financial institutions
Hungarian - Financial institutions
Japanese - Non-financial institutions
Japanese - Financial institutions
Serbian - Non-financial institutions
Serbian - Financial institutions
Simplified Chinese - Non-financial institutions
Simplified Chinese - Financial institutions

Traditional Chinese - Non-financial institutions
Traditional Chinese - Financial institutions

Korean - Non-financial institutions
Korean - Financial institutions

Vietnamese - Non-financial institutions
Vietnamese - Financial institutions
Romanian - Non-financial institutions
Romanian - Financial institutions
Russian- Non-financial institutions
Russian- Financial institutions

Croatian - Non-financial institutions
Croatian - Financial institutions

Bosnian - Non-financial institutions
Bosnian - Financial institutions
Bulgarian - Non-financial institutions
Bulgarian - Financial institutions

Portuguese - Non-financial institutions
Portuguese - Financial institutions
Slovenian - Non-financial institutions
Slovenian - Financial institutions

Czech - Non-financial institutions
Czech - Financial institutions

Slovakian - Non-financial institutions
Slovakian - Financial institutions

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Ben Stevens at

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Non-financial Institutions Questionnaire PDF
Financial Institutions Questionnaire PDF

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