Finance Minister of the Year

Finance Minister of the Year

Cárdenas clinches Colombian credibility

From sanctions to action

From sanctions to action

Iran plots path

The 2015 Euromoney Cash Management survey is now CLOSED.

Results will be published in the October edition of Euromoney magazine and online at

English - Non-financial institutions
English - Financial institutions
German - Non-financial institutions
German - Financial institutions

Spanish - Non-financial institutions
Spanish - Financial institutions

French - Non-financial institutions
French - Financial institutions

Italian - Non-financial institutions
Italian - Financial institutions
Polish - Non-financial institutions
Polish - Financial institutions
Turkish - Non-financial institutions
Turkish - Financial institutions
Hungarian - Non-financial institutions
Hungarian - Financial institutions
Japanese - Non-financial institutions
Japanese - Financial institutions
Serbian - Non-financial institutions
Serbian - Financial institutions
Simplified Chinese - Non-financial institutions
Simplified Chinese - Financial institutions

Traditional Chinese - Non-financial institutions
Traditional Chinese - Financial institutions

Korean - Non-financial institutions
Korean - Financial institutions

Vietnamese - Non-financial institutions
Vietnamese - Financial institutions
Romanian - Non-financial institutions
Romanian - Financial institutions
Russian- Non-financial institutions
Russian- Financial institutions

Croatian - Non-financial institutions
Croatian - Financial institutions

Bosnian - Non-financial institutions
Bosnian - Financial institutions
Bulgarian - Non-financial institutions
Bulgarian - Financial institutions

Portuguese - Non-financial institutions
Portuguese - Financial institutions
Slovenian - Non-financial institutions
Slovenian - Financial institutions

Czech - Non-financial institutions
Czech - Financial institutions

Slovakian - Non-financial institutions
Slovakian - Financial institutions

For all survey related issues please contact:
Ben Stevens at

Data confidentiality statement


Non-financial Institutions Questionnaire PDF
Financial Institutions Questionnaire PDF

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