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Country risk ratings

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Eurozone debt crisis

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Banks make belated compliance push to combat market ...
February 2014
As more financial scandals continue to emerge, regulators and banks are hoping technology and new internal controls will allow them to get to grips with the rogues. Trading floors might never be the same again.

Offshore renminbi: Bank of China CEO gives London edge
January 2014
CEO’s endorsement big boost to the City; renminbi bond issuance globally at record levels.

Against the tide: Debt deflation in Europe?
January 2014
A more optimistic picture of the eurozone economy is clouded by deflationary pressures, which are especially perilous in Greece. There is no easy fix, but a cheaper euro would help.

International renminbi update: Luxembourg 1, London 1
January 2014
London and Luxembourg are at loggerheads to become Europe’s leading offshore renminbi hub – although they wouldn’t let you know it.

Bitcoin: big in emerging markets
January 2014
Surveys suggest that virtual currencies look a safer bet than local stocks and property.

Fed to emerging markets: 'Our currency, your problem'
January 2014
The Fed added insult to emerging-market injury when it failed to acknowledge the EM rout this week, confirming the resolutely domestic focus of its monetary stance despite the international spill-over effects. The move reignites the debate about global monetary co-ordination.

Banks' 2013 fall in FX revenues might be repeated this year
January 2014

Top banks face greater risks in 2014 from shaky economic outlooks, indiscriminate reputational damage from market scandals, strict collateral rules, increased competition from ECNs and historically low market volatility.

Sterling: special focus
January 2014
Sterling has dropped to its lowest level in over two years as the prospect has heightened of further monetary easing in the UK to ward off a triple-dip recession. The Bank of England's (BoE) seeming desire for a weaker currency, and its willingness to suspend its inflation target, has only added to the pressure on the pound. Now, with the UK government mulling a possible change in the central bank's mandate, the currency looks set to face further headwinds. Euromoney investigates.

US dollar: special focus
January 2014
The dollar suffered as a result of the Federal Reserve's massive quantitative easing programme. In 2012 it was the second-weakest performing G10 currency after the yen. That helped extend the bear trend that the dollar has been trapped in since 2002. But now, sentiment towards the dollar appears to be turning. Many believe that US growth is set to be the strongest among developed nations and that, while it will not happen immediately, the Fed will be the first among the world's big-three central banks to start withdrawing monetary stimulus. Could the 11-year regime of dollar weakness be about to end?

Emerging markets: more weakness to come
January 2014
A massive currency sell-off this week echoes the dark days of emerging-market crises, say bears. Analysts are resolutely underweight emerging market bonds and stocks, citing the legacy of the recent credit boom and the absence of structural reforms.

FX industry reels from regulatory earthquake
January 2014
Foreign-exchange market tremors are likely to reverberate for years to come as the global probe deepens, triggering fears of regulatory overkill.

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