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Macaskill on markets

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Regulators eye leverage cap in FX

Regulators eye leverage cap in FX

March 2015

The convulsions after the SNB’s decision to cease pegging the Swiss franc to the euro are still being felt, with regulators in Europe and Australia debating the merits of tougher controls on leverage in FX markets for retail investors.


  • Circuit breakers: Does FX need a kill switch?

    Foreign-exchange broker FXCM’s CEO calls for wider adoption of circuit breakers on FX platforms to prevent another Swiss franc shocker as seen on Black Thursday, but critics question whether it is the right solution and even suitable for an over-the-counter (OTC) market such as FX.

  • FEMR consultation highlights scale of regulatory challenge in FX

    In its fair and effective markets review, the Bank of England has acknowledged end-users are largely ill-suited to the task of combating market misconduct in FICC markets. But opinion remains deeply divided over how best to strengthen oversight in wholesale markets, and which regulatory body should lead the charge.

  • EBS turnover bounces back as FX volatility returns

    Volume on anonymous platform EBS Market has increased during recent volatility, while disclosed EBS Direct continues to gain traction in Commonwealth currencies.

  • FX vol threatens portfolio returns

    Volatile currency markets in 2015 threaten to erode international investors' portfolio returns on traditional equities and bonds, highlighting the need for a strong hedging strategy, advise market participants.

  • Stronger RMB, stronger China

    China’s currency might look overvalued, but that is only half the story.

  • Smart corporates beef up FX hedging

    FX volatility highlights the need for corporates to stick to long-term hedging programmes, so that they can protect profits and their credit ratings. Some firms are also positioning themselves for opportunistic trades and upgrading their treasury and FX management systems.

  • RMB: Banks staff up to match rise of Chinese currency

    The need of banks to raise awareness and staffing levels around the renminbi within their own organizations looks set to be key as the battle for business heats up.

  • Banking clubs extend global reach

    International banking alliances offer a number of benefits to treasurers – from FX hedging to cash pooling – while Sepa and the rise of non-bank payment providers have yet to diminish their allure.

  • Speculators smell blood as Danish peg comes under fire

    After the shock removal of the Swiss peg to the euro, speculators are testing the DKK peg, though, for now, the central bank is well-placed to withstand the pressure.

  • Swiss franc: special focus

    The Swiss National Bank has been under sustained fire in its attempt to defend its euro peg in recent years. Accordingly, the shift in the long-defended policy regime has shocked markets and will have far-reaching implications for the euro, eastern Europe and private banking, among other things. Euromoney investigates.

  • Russia: Buyers shun deeply discounted rouble

    Russia has been caught in the eye of a perfect storm. Battered by falling oil prices, US and EU sanctions and a dramatic market correction as the rouble was allowed to float, the currency has been in free-fall and liquidity has largely evaporated, with many brokers ceasing rouble trading altogether.

  • New FX trading standard sees slow adoption

    Despite its extension to FX last year, market participants acknowledge it is likely to be some time before they feel the full impact of the liquidity-enhancing trading enablement standardization initiative (TESI).

  • Choice of funding currency set to determine EM FX performance in 2015

    Despite the strengthening dollar and lower oil prices, tactical opportunities in emerging market (EM) foreign exchange abound. The choice of funding currency will be crucial in driving returns in the asset class, say investors.

  • Jury out on impact of trade-finance automation

    Opinion is divided on how automation of trade-finance processes is changing bank practices in relation to FX reporting and processing.

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