Iran's pivotal moment

Iran's pivotal moment

Tehran is at a crossroads…

Emerging Europe: Special focus

Emerging Europe: Special focus

Exploring the banking and capital-market landscape

Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2015

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Private Banking Survey 2014
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About the Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey

The annual Private Banking and wealth management survey provides a qualitative and quantitative review of the best services in private banking, by region and by areas of service. It is an informative guide for high net-worth individuals on the range of professional wealth management service providers that are available.

Factors such as assets under management, profitability, ratio of clients to relationship managers, and services offered, among other things, are all considered in developing the ranking of top private banks.

Global categories include:

Best private banking services overall  • Relationship management  • Privacy and security  • Range of investment products  • Range of advisory services  • Bespoke wealth management  • Net-worth-specific services: Super affluent (US$ 500,000 to US$ 1 million), High net worth  • (US$ 1 million to US$ 10 million), High net worth II (US$ 10 million to US$ 30 million), Ultra high net worth (Greater than US$ 30 million)  • Equity portfolio management  • Fixed income portfolio management • Foreign exchange  • Lending/Financing Solutions  • Commodities investment  • Precious metals investment  • Real estate investment  • Private equity investment  • Structured products  • Managed futures  • Hedge fund investment  • Luxury investment (non-art)  • Family office services  • Inheritance and succession planning  • Trust services  • Tax guidance and services  • Offshore services  • Corporate advisory for private banking clients  • Islamic banking services  • Philanthropy services  • Yacht and Aircraft Financing  • Art and collectibles advisory • Specialized services: Entrepreneurs, Corporate executives, Inherited wealth and business

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Final days of Ricardo Salgado and Banco Espírito Santo

Euromoney Pulse Survey: Renminbi’s internationalization continues apace
When BES collapsed earlier this year, markets briefly feared a return of the crisis to Portugal and to Europe. Even after the bank's bailout, investigators still pore over bank documents, transfers and deals, trying to make sense of Salgado’s last days battling to keep his empire afloat. The backstory is of an extraordinary decades-long rivalry between the country's two pre-eminent business families.