The loan market fights back

The loan market fights back

Is a sudden turn away from the bond markets what Europe really needs?

Eurozone fragmentation

Eurozone fragmentation

Special focus

High profile players, past and present, such as Mark CarneyIvan RitossaBenoît Coeuré, Sinan Al-Shabibi, Stan O’Neal, John Mack, Marcel Ospel and Lloyd Blankfein speak with Euromoney.


  • Bundesbank’s Dombret says trust restored in European banking system

    In an interview with Euromoney, Bundesbank board member Andreas Dombret sounds an upbeat note on the rigour of the ECB’s asset-quality review (AQR) and the eurozone’s resolution arrangements, but issues a sharp warning over banks’ risk-free treatment of sovereign debt.

  • Mexico CBG interview: Carstens stands by his rate cut

    Mexico’s central bank surprised the market in June when it cut its base rate by 50 basis points. Euromoney’s central bank governor of the year in 2013 stresses that the credibility of the bank’s focus on inflation should not be doubted

  • Africa's rising stars: Bolaji Balogun, CEO of Chapel Hill Denham

    Nationality: Nigerian

  • AECI’s treasurer: “…I don’t feel we have overpaid these banks”

    In an interview with Euromoney, the group treasurer of South Africa-based explosives and chemicals group, AECI, shares his views on managing the company’s treasury operations, planning for international expansion, banking relationships and the prospect of adding international banks to its roster.

  • Muhammad Chatib Basri: Fight of the navigator

    Indonesia’s finance minister, Muhammad Chatib Basri, has a clear mission: to make government easier to navigate – for its people, its companies and for foreign investors. His pragmatic approach is paying dividends. So much so that he might even be asked to stay on.

  • Alex Friedman, Global CIO, UBS Wealth Management

    Friedman joined UBS in March 2011, from his former role as CFO for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Richard Madigan, CIO, JPMorgan Private Bank

    Madigan took on his role in April 2012 having joined JP Morgan in 2004. Before that he was head of emerging markets investments at Offitbank.

  • Thomas Moore, chief market strategist, HSBC Private Bank

    Moore joined HSBC in 2001 from his role as CIO at JPMorgan Chase’s personal asset management group.

  • Q&A with Dimitar Bogov, governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

    In an interview with Euromoney, Bogov discusses credit growth, bank regulation, foreign dominance of the country’s lenders, and the Vienna initiatives.

  • Agricultural Bank of China economist warns economic reform hinges on politics

    Xiang Songzuo, chief economist of state-owned ABC, says China’s next raft of reforms – from retooling state-owned enterprises to tackling local government debt burdens and environmental challenges – will involve a disruptive shift in the political system.

  • Lebanon’s Salamé stresses resilience and stability

    In an exclusive interview, Riad Salamé, the longstanding governor of Banque du Liban, discusses Lebanon’s perpetual political and economic challenges, the resilience of its banks and the prospects for needed structural reform. He even ponders what he would do if he were president for a day.

  • Miroslav Singer: Gunning for intervention

    Famed for his tough approach to regulation, Czech central bank head Miroslav Singer now has his sights set on currency market intervention to reflate the country’s flagging economy. He talks to Euromoney about the limitations of fiscal policy, the prospects for Czech adoption of the euro, and the dangers of regulatory integration.

  • Jin-Yong Cai: An activist at the IFC

    The new head of the International Finance Corporation, Jin-Yong Cai, tells Euromoney about the need for the World Bank’s private-sector arm to take more risks and be more activist in developing policy ideas in such areas as infrastructure development and poverty reduction.

  • Standing up to Too Big to Fail

    Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, tells Euromoney why no bank is too big to fail and why Texas has much to teach the rest of the US economy

  • Baraka: ‘We are reforming Morocco’s finances’

    Finance minister Nizar Baraka says he can – and must – bring down Morocco’s gaping fiscal deficit. But after a debut dollar bond in December, how much can he change the country’s financial model in the midst of pan-Arab revolt?

  • Fernandes fires up Asian expansion

    High-profile Malaysian CEO Tony Fernandes is intent on furthering his companies’ pan-Asian expansion, notably through AirAsia. He sees such international activities as The Apprentice Asia and ownership of Queens Park Rangers FC as useful publicity for his business ventures.

  • Middle East: Al Rajhi hits back

    In an interview in his office in Riyadh, Suliman Azzabin, chief executive of Al Rajhi Bank, pours scorn on allegations that link his bank to terrorist financing repeated in the US Senate report on HSBC last year. So what is Al Rajhi Bank in 2013 really, and how is it still making so much money?

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