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  • Western Europe: Rothschild & Co bulks up in private banking

    CEO seeks to ease regulatory hit; merger doubles French business.

    Published February 2017

  • Vive la différence! Why French quirks endure

    France’s low-growth and highly consolidated banking industry might appear rigid, but jealousies and opportunism are keeping idiosyncrasies alive and kicking.

    Euromoney February 2017

  • SocGen: Battle-hardened Oudéa sticks to his guns

    Frédéric Oudéa has been CEO of Société Générale for longer than any other current head of a leading European bank. His success in bringing the bank through the financial crisis and its aftermath is widely acknowledged. But can he articulate a convincing vision of SocGen’s future?

    Published January 2017

  • Western Europe: Portugal bank risk spikes as Italy turns corner

    Italy could be clawing itself out of a pit of worry about its banks, according to the latest Euromoney Bank Risk results.

    Published January 2017

  • National barriers hurting European champions, says Société Générale’s Oudéa

    SocGen CEO and European Banking Federation head says US-style continental franchises can emerge, but only after more integration of banking and capital markets has paved the way.

    Published January 2017

  • Mustier makes his mark on UniCredit

    UniCredit CEO Jean-Pierre Mustier has unveiled his new strategic plan for the bank. At its heart is a €13 billion rights issue. But look deeper and Mustier is at pains to stress UniCredit’s European, rather than Italian, credentials. He’ll need to convince shareholders that this time the bank has a real prospect of breaking free of the country’s bad debt troubles.

    Euromoney January 2017

  • 21st-century Keynesianism? Get real

    UK and US economic policy has changed tone since last year’s electoral rebellions. Markets should jump at the chance to buy into higher-yielding real assets, but politicians will struggle to make reality match their rhetoric on infrastructure investment

    Published December 2016

  • UniCredit shakes off Italy tag with NPL fire sale

    The bank hopes a deal to offload bad debts to Fortress and Pimco will show investors that it is putting its NPL issues behind it

    Published December 2016

  • Fallen Angel brings hope for action at Banco Popular

    A new chairman, alongside a recently installed CEO, could help the Spanish bank clean up its troubled balance sheet.

    Published December 2016

  • Spain: BMN merger to trigger sales as Rajoy returns

    Bankia privatization looms; caja independence in doubt as IPOs lag.

    Euromoney December 2016

  • Spain: Creditor deal saves Abengoa – for now

    Hedge funds gain security over crown jewel; Isolux much quicker to reach agreement.

    Euromoney December 2016

  • ECB holds Popular’s feet to the flames

    Even after a third capital raising in June, the difficulty funding Banco Popular’s real estate spin-off shows how much uncertainty remains in Spanish banking. As new CEO Pedro Larena attempts another rescue, a sale could be the only answer. But any rescue-by-merger will need sweeteners for the acquirer.

    Euromoney December 2016

  • Germany’s banks go down with the ship

    The shortcomings of German banking have steered it into a shipping crisis on a scale that is only now being appreciated. Shipping loans are already pulling some of the state-owned wholesale banks under water, making previous failures to properly remodel the sector even more obvious.

    Euromoney November 2016

  • The titanic struggles of German banking

    The decline of Deutsche Bank may be grabbing the headlines, but the woes of German banking run far deeper. Low interest rates and tighter regulation are hurting all the private-sector banks. That simply adds to concerns that Germany’s banks cannot, or perhaps in politicians’ eyes should not, be profit-hungry institutions. But are the statebacked banks that still dominate German banking reaching a limit on their ability to fund themselves? And does that mean that the famed three-pillar system is heading for disaster?

    Euromoney November 2016

  • Rates put Germany’s financial ecosystem at risk

    Ultra-low rates and higher regulatory costs are thinning German banks’ already meagre margins, creating dangers of systemic importance.

    Euromoney November 2016

  • Saudi’s new finance minister brings unique style

    The younger and energetic Mohammed Al-Jadaan has a record of transformation.

    Published November 2016

  • Restructuring: Commerzbank in new push for middle of the middle

    Exits structured products businesses; splits Mittelstandsbank between corporates and retail division.

    Euromoney November 2016

  • Italy: New MPS chief unveils debt swap as Viola exits

    Former BAML and JPM banker takes over troubled bank; share-price fall seen scuppering €5 billion rights issue.

    Published October 2016

  • Rating review puts Portugal on edge

    Agency fears growth outlook ahead of review; ECB liquidity support in peril.

    Published October 2016

  • Africa: Rabobank cuts reg risk in new venture

    Regional stakes join FMO and Norfund assets; indirect, lower ownership reduces liability.

    Euromoney September 2016