Graham Bippart

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  • Regulation: The death of global standards

    Just as concerns grow that central bank monetary policy is under threat of becoming politicized, there are also fears that politics is corroding the objectivity of rule makers, putting the stability of the financial system at risk.

    Euromoney February 2017

  • Econ calls for ‘fair’ deal with UK on market access

    There may be yet some good news for UK based financial services in the wake of Brexit, if the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (Econ), a powerful committee within the EU Parliament, gets a draft resolution now being considered through to a plenary vote in its current form.

    Published February 2017

  • Banking's transatlantic divide set to grow in 2017

    US banks strike positive tone over earnings; Europeans less likely to reap rewards of new volatility.

    Euromoney February 2017

  • Spirit of TLAC broken as regulators mark their ground

    A last-minute proposal by the European Commission risks throwing global bank capitalization rules into further flux.

    Published December 2016

  • MPS and state aid: Hope, or a slippery slope?

    Reports of a government plan to buy subordinated bonds and convert them into shares in Monte dei Paschi di Siena suggest that a state-backed rescue is now inevitable.

    Published December 2016