Louise Bowman

Louise Bowman
Louise Bowman

Deputy editor

Louise Bowman joined Euromoney in March 2006 as a senior correspondent on the fixed income team. 

She became markets editor in 2011 with a particular focus on debt capital markets, leveraged finance, securitization and private equity. Deputy editor since 2014, she also co-ordinates news coverage in the magazine.

Louise has worked for a number of magazines in the Euromoney Institutional Investor group in London and New York and she also spent several years in Hong Kong writing for Asiamoney. Immediately prior to joining Euromoney, Louise was an editor at Thomson Financial.

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Recent stories by Louise Bowman

  • European NPLs: Think global, act local

    Setting up a European bad bank is a dauntingly complicated and time-consuming proposition. Europe’s NPL problem needs to be tackled at the national level.

    Published February 2017 euromoney.com

  • EBA’s Enria says Europe-wide bad bank is essential to avoid Japan-style stagnation

    European bad bank could incentivize banks to transfer their bad loans, but the problem still won’t be fixed without state aid.

    Published February 2017 euromoney.com

  • French banks pile up to issue TLAC-compliant senior debt

    €9.5 billion issued after Sapin 2 law passed; EC chooses French instrument for harmonized solution.

    Published January 2017 euromoney.com

  • What’s behind Trump’s enthusiasm for GSE reform?

    Reprivatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is high on the agenda of the new Trump administration – its close ties to the hedge funds that were hit by their conservatorship and subsequent cash sweep could explain why, and is just one example of the murky incentives that have followed Donald Trump into the White House.

    Published January 2017 euromoney.com

  • Bond market shoots first, asks questions later

    The election of Donald Trump prompted a vicious sell-off in global bonds. Investors face the new year with warnings over volatility and inflation ringing in their ears. Will it be as bad as they think?

    Published December 2016 euromoney.com

  • One-stop research tie-up launched in Asia

    Platform provides arms-length pricing; usage metrics can establish price.

    Published December 2016 euromoney.com

  • Trump win upends bond market

    Global Aggregate index yield jumps by 25bp in 11 days; $8.2 billion leaves US bond funds in one week.

    Euromoney December 2016

  • Investment research: the progress of price

    There is now just over a year until the new Mifid II regulations covering research procurement come into effect in January 2018. The market still has a mountain to climb if that deadline is to be met.

    Published November 2016 euromoney.com

  • Bank capital: French insurer CNP fires tier-3 starting gun

    First euro-denominated tier-3 notes issued; French banks still waiting for non-preferred clarification.

    Published November 2016 euromoney.com

  • Capital markets: Has Brexit killed CMU?

    Capital markets activity in Europe is dominated by the UK, so the Brexit vote could have dealt a mortal blow to the European Commission’s plans to promote it through the capital markets union initiative. To survive, CMU will have to get global.

    Published November 2016 euromoney.com

  • Basel IV capital demands spell trouble for AT1

    Deutsche crisis hits AT1 bonds again; new trigger language needed.

    Published October 2016 euromoney.com

  • Banks scent victory in Basel IV standoff

    As the year-end deadline to finalize Basel III looms, there is growing speculation that the Basel Committee will water down its stance on capital adequacy requirements. The banking industry should, however, wait before popping the champagne corks just yet.

    Published September 2016 euromoney.com

  • Bank capital: Italy worries mask wider malaise in Europe

    Benign scenarios used by EBA; CCAR reveals greater capital shortfalls.

    Euromoney September 2016

  • Italy: Too big to bail

    Every proposed scheme for sorting out Italy’s bad debt problems has its own shortcomings. And that’s before taking into account the fact that those problems could get worse. Pressure from the ECB is fanning the flames of the crisis. Fixing legacy problems could now require dramatic action.

    Euromoney September 2016