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  • Swift gpi looks to set new global payments standard

    After a successful year-long pilot phase, the new Swift global payments innovation (gpi) messaging platform is now live, but it still has some way to go before meeting Swift’s aspiration of it being adopted as the global standard.

    Published February 2017

  • Treasury vendors take on corporate tech outsourcing

    Running the latest treasury platforms internally can require a substantial upgrade in tech and increased IT spend, especially for smaller companies. For some, the solution is to look to third-party vendors for further outsourcing.

    Published February 2017

  • RMB trade slowdown prompts treasury sophistication

    The growth of renminbi trade has stalled, but it has forced a turning point to how corporates use the Chinese currency.

    Published February 2017

  • Trade finance modernization turns towards blockchain

    Treasurers are looking for digitized trade finance solutions; blockchain may be the answer.

    Published February 2017

  • IFRS 9 implementation dividing banks and corporates

    The international financial reporting standard (IFRS) hedge accounting rules are likely to bring benefits to corporate treasurers, but could be a big worry for bankers.

    Published January 2017

  • Fintech labs could be at saturation point

    Fintech labs have been a way for banks to work with start-ups to develop the products and services the incumbents need. With so many banks now taking this same approach, what's the chance of true innovation?

    Published January 2017

  • CMA’s competition concerns halt MasterCard's VocaLink acquisition

    The proposed takeover of VocaLink by MasterCard hit a snag as concerns within the industry over how other companies will be able to compete led the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to raise questions.

    Published January 2017

  • Five-Star Cash Managers 2017: When quality not quantity counts in cash management

    Scale is important in cash management, but it is not everything. For clients it is the people, the services and the products that count. Often the best-in-class are regional specialists rather than the global giants, as Euromoney’s unique Five-Star Cash Manager analysis shows.

    Euromoney January 2017

  • Barriers to information sharing impact cyber security measures

    Sharing of information that could prevent cyber-attacks is being impeded by strict privacy rules and concerns over reputational damage.

    Published January 2017

  • Trade finance races to keep up with services exports

    The services industry could help to shore up trade finance, but banks need to think creatively about the products that will facilitate this.

    Published December 2016

  • Regulate, or innovate?

    Banking regulators have a remarkable ability to stop innovation in its tracks. But when they work in favour of the industry, amazing things can happen.

    Published December 2016

  • CRD IV creating regional divides on notional pooling

    New CRD IV rules are dividing how European and US banks are able to provide notional pooling facilities to corporates, providing more favourable conditions for some than for others.

    Published December 2016

  • Fintech sandbox risks creating unofficial endorsements

    The creation of the FCA’s fintech sandbox, hailed as a step forward in regulatory collaboration, risks creating a disproportionate advantage for products developed through the process.

    Published December 2016

  • Data sensitivity further complicates PSD2

    Implementing Payment Services Directive II is already causing headaches for plenty of European banks, even before they face up to the potential impacts of data privacy and messaging standards.

    Published December 2016

  • Liquidity management stress causes bank-to-corporate tug of war

    Stresses on banks are forcing change on how corporates run their cash management operations. For business to continue running smoothly, it will require some give and take from both sides.

    Published November 2016

  • Threat of rising bank charges spurs treasurers into action

    Increased charges by banks for corporate deposits seem inevitable as interest rates in Europe remain low. Corporates are, therefore, scoping out alternatives.

    Published November 2016

  • Price pressures force change in oil and gas treasury strategy

    The oil and gas sector has so far avoided making wholesale change to its treasury processes, but as the low price environment continues, firms are now being forced to explore cost cutting.

    Published November 2016

  • T2S implementation opens up settlements overhaul

    The staged implementation of Target2-Securities allows banks to implement large-scale overhauls of their operations, despite initial concerns about the cost.

    Published November 2016

  • Regulation: Section 385 ruling marks U-turn

    The final ruling on Section 385 has been made, with significant dispensation to allow corporates to continue with cash pooling.

    Published October 2016

  • Regulators face balancing act for global rule implementation

    The results of the World Payments Report (WPR) and the Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2016 indicate marked variance in how regulations are implemented globally.

    Published October 2016