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  • The Fix – meet the Libor scandal’s ‘Trader A’

    The story of convicted Trader A – Tom Hayes – lays bare the actions of a few cliques that masterminded the headline-grabbing Libor scandal, but despite Hayes’ conviction it is still notoriously difficult to pin blame on individual traders even if a firm admits wrongdoing.

    Published February 2017 euromoney.com

  • 2017: the biggest themes in FX

    Volatile markets, political noise and a culture revamp will be the top themes in foreign exchange for 2017, predict currency experts. Disruptive fintech firms will continue to make headway in a market that is rapidly changing in light of rising pressure on traditional market makers such as banks and demands for greater transparency

    Published December 2016 euromoney.com

  • 2016: A rollercoaster year for foreign exchange

    2016 will be remembered as the year the people punished politicians at the polls, unleashing a torrent of volatility in financial markets, with currencies taking a huge hit. Here are the biggest currency stories of 2016.

    Published December 2016 euromoney.com

  • Brexit: FX hedging headache on the horizon

    UK businesses face a post-Brexit hedging headache, as FX protection purchased before the referendum is now running out for many companies. The cost of renewing it has subsequently sky rocketed.

    Published November 2016 euromoney.com

  • Comms compliance race hots up

    Communications compliance is moving up the agenda for financial services firms, as the City's watchdog cracks the supervisory whip and the implementation deadline for MiFID II fast approaches

    Published October 2016 euromoney.com

  • The growing pains of P2P FX

    Peer-to-peer foreign-exchange providers seek to differentiate themselves in a saturated market that has yet to achieve profitability.

    Published October 2016 euromoney.com

  • BIS stats: the steady decline of foreign exchange

    The FX business is officially shrinking for the first time since 2001, as the world's largest financial market battles an industry slowdown and a regulatory crackdown.

    Published September 2016 euromoney.com