Regulation puts global banking in peril

Regulation puts global banking in peril

Don’t believe the G20 hype

Best Managed Companies Middle East 2014

Best Managed Companies Middle East 2014

Saudi markets get chance to shine?

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  • Emerging markets brace for stress test

    Emerging market fixed-income and FX markets are poised for a third year of volatility because of a slowing China, strengthening dollar, lower oil prices, the prospect of a US rate hike, and the shortage of investable high yielders, as well as the declining creditworthiness of the likes of Russia and Venezuela.

    Euromoney January 2015

  • Slowdown in world trade savages EM FX

    Weak global trade and increasing import substitution have signalled bad news for emerging-market FX in 2014, particularly in those countries that rely on a vibrant export sector to drive their economies. 2015 should provide some respite for manufacturers, but commodity exporters will remain in the line of fire.

    Published December 2014

  • Regulation puts global banking in peril

    Don’t believe the G20 hype. In interviews with Euromoney, the world’s top financial policymakers admit regulatory tensions are tight. What’s more, the collateral damage of the focus on too-big-to-fail, capital rules and bankruptcy resolution risk rolling back financial globalization. Is it time to change the terms of the discussion?

    Euromoney December 2014

  • Russian bank risks jump as Europe's halves

    The latest results of a systemic risk index reveal elevated risks in Russia, Portugal and France but a generally marked improvement across the rest of Europe.

    Published November 2014

  • Russia central bank attempts rouble crisis circuit-breaker

    Analysts support the Central Bank of Russia’s (CBR) response to the collapse of the rouble, arguing it will shift market expectations and could stabilize the currency in the medium-term. In an interview with Euromoney before the move, a CBR official discusses the opportunities and challenges in the regime shift.

    Published November 2014

  • Amrolia to lead Deutsche Bank digital drive

    FX market veteran takes up new role developing digital technology and reducing business complexity across Deutsche Bank’s markets platform

    Published November 2014

  • IMF struggles for relevance

    A sin of omission: the agenda for the annual meeting in Washington DC this week fails to take sufficient account of the fears of emerging-market (EM) policymakers.

    Published October 2014

  • IFC plans offshore RMB duration play

    Buoyed by its Indian success, the World Bank’s private-sector arm the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has set its sights on further extending the offshore renminbi curve.

    Published October 2014

  • RBI’s Rajan sounds alarm over breakdown in global coordination

    A lack of international monetary policy coordination and efforts to beef up the IMF to reflect the newfound clout of emerging markets (EMs) raises the risks of trade protectionism and market volatility, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan tells Euromoney.

    Published October 2014

  • Rajan’s surgical strikes

    Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan is battling inflation and crony capitalists to open a new chapter in the Asian superpower’s growth story. Rajan – Euromoney’s central bank governor of the year 2014 – reveals his blueprint for reforms and issues a stark warning about the cracks in the global economy.

    Euromoney October 2014

  • Modi makeover ignites India’s banking leaders

    In exclusive interviews, leaders of Indian finance reveal how banks, nursing wounds from the recent credit boom, should be set free from the shackles of state control, as reformists raise hopes of a new dawn for Indian capitalism. A jolt, not a tweak, to the financial system is desperately needed.

    Euromoney September 2014

  • India: Waiting game continues for foreign investment banks

    Even in a bullish scenario where a Rajan-Modi dream team unleashes reforms – from PSL to the bond market – in an economic super-cycle that sees public lenders recapitalized, foreign investment banks could still be chasing rainbows in India. It is an over-banked market, with dozens of fee-hungry institutions jockeying for business.

    Euromoney September 2014

  • Brics bank: requiem for a dream

    Incensed by their failure to reform, Brics policymakers have established a flawed rival to the World Bank and IMF. Rhetoric aside, the west dismisses emerging-market dissent over the broken financial architecture at its peril.

    Euromoney September 2014

  • Maybank bloodied but unbowed

    The proposed merger of CIMB, RHB Capital and Malaysia Building Society (MBSB) will transform the economics of the country’s banking and capital-markets business in the coming years and shake up south-east Asian banking in general.

    Euromoney September 2014

  • Scottish separatist momentum shock shakes up banking

    The course of unrequited love never did run smooth and financial markets are only just taking stock of the threat to the banking and capital-market landscape in the event of a break-up of the UK in its current formation.

    Published September 2014

  • Markets pine for Brazil election game-changer

    The Brazilian real has been rising in recent weeks on hopes opposition candidate Marina Silva will beat president Dilma Rousseff in a run-off election in October. With the Brazilian economy faltering and the election outcome still on a knife edge, the real’s outlook – and the country’s macro framework, more generally – remains unclear.

    Published September 2014

  • Draghi wows but market remains fixated on QE

    Analysts are divided over the outlook for the euro and the likely potency of the ECB latest monetary-easing measures, after Thursday’s meeting that saw the central bank cutting rates and announcing the October launch of an ABS purchasing programme. While the measures will buoy credit at the front-end, the jury is out on full-scale QE in the coming months.

    Published September 2014

  • China banking risks three times higher than US

    China’s banking risks have tripled in one year amid a decline in market capitalization for the sector and a rise in debt issuance, as fears over the shadow-banking system grow, according to the latest projections from a systemic risk index, Euromoney can reveal.

    Published July 2014