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Frontier investors prepare to enter Iran

Frontier investors prepare to enter Iran

July 2015

Well-functioning stock market; structural surprises still likely.

  • Four intellectual revolutions have undermined our sense of self, but anomie and profits are not incompatible.

  • System launched for equity-linked notes; six banks back new venture.

  • With expanding economies and hundreds of million Muslims, Africa deserves to be a bigger part of Islamic finance. After a slow start, there are signs the sector is beginning to gain the crucial mass and legislative backing it needs.

  • As investment in technology becomes a priority for financial institutions, they are having to look for the right experience among board members and rethink their structure to ensure they are on top of innovation.

  • Third-quarter gloom for gold; silver ‘a better bet’.

  • So far in 2015 we have been witnessing death by a thousand policy rate cuts around the world. That is turning the US Federal Reserve’s dream of rate normalization into a dystopian nightmare.

  • Opinion is divided on the extent to which private-bank clients should be encouraged to consider FX as an asset class and to look at strategies to generate returns from currency volatility. In any case, most private-bank clients are dollar bulls.

  • Euromoney's recent coverage of the hard and soft commodities sector, with a special focus on emerging markets.

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