Downfall of a dynasty

Downfall of a dynasty

The last days of Ricardo Salgado and Banco Espírito Santo

Swimming not drowning

Swimming not drowning

Bond market has ability to adapt

Three challenges facing Barclays’ new head of wealth

Three challenges facing Barclays’ new head of wealth

September 2014

Akshaya Bhargava, Barclays' new CEO for wealth and investment management, has his work cut out.

  • SSA corporate funding: Corruption still weighs down Sub-Saharan Africa

    Euromoney Country Risk’s expert panel identifies corruption as the main political risk factor in most countries in the region, though overall economic risk has fallen since 2011.

  • Safaricom and Airtel plan yuMobile acquisition

    Kenya’s largest mobile phone carriers will push ahead with the acquisition of yuMobile after Kenyan authorities removed a number of restrictive conditions on the deal.

  • Turkey treads water

    Over-reliant on foreign investment to balance its books, Turkey is facing an investor retreat in the face of political instability. The long-term solution is a big expansion of domestic investment of untapped savings, but the instability is slowing this too.

  • New CIO for UBS Wealth Management

    UBS announces that Alex Friedman, global chief investment officer, will be leaving the firm.

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Final days of Ricardo Salgado and Banco Espírito Santo

Euromoney Pulse Survey: Renminbi’s internationalization continues apace
When BES collapsed earlier this year, markets briefly feared a return of the crisis to Portugal and to Europe. Even after the bank's bailout, investigators still pore over bank documents, transfers and deals, trying to make sense of Salgado’s last days battling to keep his empire afloat. The backstory is of an extraordinary decades-long rivalry between the country's two pre-eminent business families.