Digital banking

Digital banking

Electronic shock for China's old guard

Bond trading

Bond trading

Information trumps execution

TPG, SG acquire CMBS teams for real estate push

TPG, SG acquire CMBS teams for real estate push

March 2015

Private equity firms staff up; bank versus non-bank competition increases; talent ‘harder to come by’ than in 2008.

  • Goldman Sachs private bank – lender to the $40m-plus club

    Global head of private wealth management Tucker York talks to Euromoney about the $40 million-plus client offering it is focusing on.

  • Inside investment: Oil – let it flow, let it flow

    Markets ended 2014 beset by fear. Deflation is now a global concern and the doomsayers see rapidly falling commodity prices as the canary in the coalmine. But the nattering nabobs of negativism are wrong.

  • Municipals: ripe for disruption?

    Want to see improvements to your town or city? Don’t just rely on municipal budgets. New crowdfunding sources are springing up. The disruptors even have municipal bond markets in their sights.

  • Inside investment: Hobbesian option

    A war of all against all in currency markets will not be pretty. For some countries it may also be too little, too late. The International Monetary Fund has failed in its role as the arbiter of currency values.

  • Against the tide: A new era for energy

    The US looks to benefit from a changing energy landscape, at the expense of Russia and the Middle East, while Europe will be happier to be less reliant on those producers.

  • Commodities: special focus

    Euromoney's recent coverage of the hard and soft commodities sector, with a special focus on emerging markets.

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