Leveraged finance

Leveraged finance

The threat to corporate America

Myanmar: first-mover advantage?

Myanmar: first-mover advantage?

The opening of Myanmar to the outside world

Oil price lessons from 1983

Oil price lessons from 1983

December 2014

Crude oil prices dropped precipitously in the latter part of 2014, raising challenging questions about where they might go in 2015. Undershooting well below a mythical fundamental equilibrium price is a distinct possibility if history is any guide.

  • Municipals: ripe for disruption?

    Want to see improvements to your town or city? Don’t just rely on municipal budgets. New crowdfunding sources are springing up. The disruptors even have municipal bond markets in their sights.

  • Inside investment: Hobbesian option

    A war of all against all in currency markets will not be pretty. For some countries it may also be too little, too late. The International Monetary Fund has failed in its role as the arbiter of currency values.

  • Against the tide: A new era for energy

    The US looks to benefit from a changing energy landscape, at the expense of Russia and the Middle East, while Europe will be happier to be less reliant on those producers.

  • Real estate: A curious case for Qatar

    The QIA has found itself on both sides of a property spat. But when in-fighting turns into a court case, only the lawyers will end up winning.

  • China banking: Cinda – on the ball or to the wall?

    Asset management company Cinda is a stark example of the implausible nature of China’s financial system. It has transformed its business model from an NPL warehouse to what some call a giant shadow bank. With more AMCs in the pipeline, analysts are beginning to question if China understands the risks it is piling up.

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