Leveraged finance

Leveraged finance

Between a rock star and a hard place

The battle for Bank Asya

The battle for Bank Asya

Despite political football, the bank is still in the game

TLAC and bank M&A: Europe needs consolidation, not recapitalization

TLAC and bank M&A: Europe needs consolidation, not recapitalization

December 2014

Debt service costs will hit profits; regulators see M&A as the answer.

  • Africa: Regional dreams spur banks and their clients

    Many of South Africa’s leading companies see a once-in-a-generation chance to build businesses across the continent. Banks in South Africa spy an opportunity too, by growing around the region alongside their clients. Can they make the most of it?

  • Investment banking: Ambitious locals up the ante in Asia

    The traditional players continued to fight it out for investment banking spoils in the Asia-Pacific region in 2014, but Chinese banks are on the rise and regionals are pushing for a bigger share of the pie.

  • Carlyle picks up stake in Nigeria’s Diamond Bank

    Executives from Diamond Bank and Carlyle reveal the rationale for the latter's investment in the lender, citing the long-term investment horizon despite the oil-driven volatility in Nigeria’s economy.

  • Motorola Credit Corporation and Standard Chartered Bank: Global banking vs New York law

    New York’s highest court has delivered a boost for the global banking model but the international legal architecture remains a minefield.

  • Brazil: Bankers rueful over Rousseff

    Brazil’s banking industry exclaimed loudly that another four years of Dilma Rousseff would be a disaster for the country. Now that she has been re-elected, have the bankers changed their minds?

  • Myanmar: first-mover advantage?

    It is not often new countries open up to international banks. Nine lenders have recently received licences to operate in Myanmar. It gives them a ready advantage in a country that lacks some basic infrastructure.

  • Bank relationships: The risk of de-risking

    Global banks may feel that purging their correspondent banking relationships will help them de-risk, but they should beware the unintended consequences.

  • Correspondent banking cutbacks claim new victim

    The Central Bank of Seychelles has taken full control of one of nine banks on the Indian Ocean archipelago, in one of the clearest examples yet of the impact of global banks exiting correspondent banking relationships.

  • Angola sets sights on capital-markets reform

    The development of Angola's capital markets has been long promised but recent indications from the country's capital-markets commission suggests secondary public-debt trading could begin as early as next month. Nevertheless, it's unclear when the stock exchange will open its doors.

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