Essien’s Ecobank charm offensive

Essien’s Ecobank charm offensive

Albert Essien has brought much-needed calm to the bank

Too quick to PIK?

Too quick to PIK?

The deals set to haunt European high yield

Bundesbank’s Dombret says trust restored in European banking system

Bundesbank’s Dombret says trust restored in European banking system

November 2014

In an interview with Euromoney, Bundesbank board member Andreas Dombret sounds an upbeat note on the rigour of the ECB’s asset-quality review (AQR) and the eurozone’s resolution arrangements, but issues a sharp warning over banks’ risk-free treatment of sovereign debt.

  • Correspondent banking cutbacks claim new victim

    The Central Bank of Seychelles has taken full control of one of nine banks on the Indian Ocean archipelago, in one of the clearest examples yet of the impact of global banks exiting correspondent banking relationships.

  • Russian bank risks jump as Europe's halves

    The latest results of a systemic risk index reveal elevated risks in Russia, Portugal and France but a generally marked improvement across the rest of Europe.

  • Essien’s Ecobank charm offensive

    Albert Essien has brought much-needed calm to a bank that, just a few months ago, was in crisis. Ecobank’s African network remains intact. It now has two powerful, strategic shareholders. But can the bank avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

  • Banking: Asia-Pacific’s regulation headache

    Pity the regional Asian bank chiefs dealing with myriad local regulators as well as extra-territorial oversight.

  • Ukraine's banks spot an opportunity

    Politicians have promised that reform is on the way. International investors are apparently ready to step in if the conflict calms. But will it be in time to rescue an economy bedevilled by fighting, corruption and currency shortages? Banks are struggling to survive, hamstrung by lack of funding and capital. On the eve of parliamentary elections, Euromoney visited Kiev to canvass the views of policymakers, bankers and international sponsors. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Malaysia mega-merger seeks central-bank approval

    Malaysia gears up for consolidation in its financial sector as the three-way deal moves ahead.

  • Inside investment: Fed not alone in its dottiness

    Since the US Federal Reserve met in September the data has been tortured and every word pored over. Why are we in awe of the crystal ball gazing of supposed experts?

  • Against the tide: Draghi’s dilemma

    The ECB president is striving to stave off deflation in the eurozone yet Germany will not countenance full quantitative easing. Something must give.

  • Goldman mounts LIA defence

    LIA ‘not financially illiterate’; relationship was ‘arm’s length’.

  • French banks see opportunity in the US

    Société Générale and BNP Paribas outline new plans to get their investment banking divisions growing again. The US market is central to the ambitions of both banks.

  • Standard Chartered makes seven new appointments in Asean capital markets

    A shake-up in Standard Chartered's Asean capital markets team prepares the ground for a 2015 growth push.

  • Modi makeover ignites India’s banking leaders

    In exclusive interviews, leaders of Indian finance reveal how banks, nursing wounds from the recent credit boom, should be set free from the shackles of state control, as reformists raise hopes of a new dawn for Indian capitalism. A jolt, not a tweak, to the financial system is desperately needed.

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