Off the record

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" It’s got nothing to do with the market. It’s the fact that our f***ing governments haven’t got their f***ing acts together to make the necessary f***ing planning to address climate change and have spent 20 years p***ing in the wind wasting our money on lawyers in Paris"

A capital markets practitioner gets a bit irritated when asked about the limitations of the green bond market

" First rule of task force is: you don’t talk about task force"

The US Fed has a task force to implement a better payments system – not that this or other bankers can discuss it, apparently

" BRRD is complicated, technical and in some places completely illogical, but it is one of the best pieces of legislation that the EC has ever come up with"

Meant as a compliment, this observation perhaps says more about the EC than it does about the BRRD…

" It’s hard for me to say this publicly. But the problem with Islamic finance is branding. It’s the word Islamic"

A very senior figure in a Gulf Islamic bank speaks candidly (and anonymously)

" The government’s starting to fire public servants – and lots of them. Anything else takes too long"

An investor’s stark response to what could rebuild confidence in Brazil’s fiscal management