Quotes of the month

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Parviz Aghili, founder and CEO of Iran’s Middle East bank "I thought the US authorities knew of our existence and purposely were not adding us to the list as we were focusing on humanitarian goods. It now seems that I was mistaken"
Arundhati Bhattacharya, chairwoman of State Bank of India
"You can’t get a baby to pole vault, it needs to walk first. The government cutting down its stake to 51% will deal with my capitalization issue for two years. After two, two-and-a-half years, there will be a need for more capital infusion, but this will get resolved before it becomes a problem"
Basil Qunibi, a former investment banker and founder of fintech firm Novus
"If any investment bank says they are investing in big data, ask them to pull up their aggregate exposure to Apple and ask them to show you how it breaks down by product. I’d bet that most investment banks would not be able to answer that question"
Fraser Lundie, co-head of credit at Hermes Investment Management
"There has not been enough regulatory attention on the buy side versus the sell side. As the regulators have been paying limited attention, funds have been allowed to grow and grow. The high yield market is concentrated in too few players"