FX Survey 2014: Special focus

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Find out how regulation is changing the FX market for everyone; who's best for trading what currency where; and information about the FX Survey and FX Respondent Reports.

How regulation is changing the FX market

Reign of terror

The reign of terror

Investigations into allegations of market fixing in foreign exchange are spreading into the very heart of the business. Those running the world’s biggest FX houses live in fear of what analysis of hundreds of millions of calls and emails will unearth. Do investigators and regulators risk bringing down the axe on a market that has always provided unrivalled liquidity and ultra-tight pricing for clients? 

The trials of a global head of foreign exchange

Who would be a global head of foreign exchange in a market like this? Most of them are spending the vast majority of their days dealing with investigations, rather than thinking strategically about their business or going out to see clients.

Who's best where? FX Survey results

Ranking FX banks by market share around the globe, the Euromoney FX Survey is the industry's leading review of FX trading, research and e-business capabilities for corporates, real money, banks, and leveraged funds. Find out who's best for trading what currency where. 

Fx survey 2014

2014 FX Survey results and category index

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Rising up the Euromoney FX overall rankings

The big winners in the 2014 FX Survey results over the past three years have seen their FX trading volumes  significantly increase:

Top 10 risers in overall rating, 2011 to 2014
Bank Rank change since 2011 Market share change (%) Volume change ($mln) Volume change (%)
National Australia Bank 25 0.43 1,012,005 694.3
ANZ Banking Group 22 0.52 1,205,097 725.6
Westpac Banking Corporation 10 0.6 1,534,418 241.3
BBVA 9 0.13 386,335 104.1
State Street 6 0.69 1,772,736 223.8
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 5 1.43 4,634,197 88.7
Citi 3 7.18 20,402,779 129.7
Standard Chartered 3 0.31 1,207,185 63.8
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 3 0.01 152,254 31.5
Natixis 3 0.04 199,956 47.5
Source: EuromoneyFXMarketData

Read about how the following banks performed in this year's survey: 

 Citi in the Euromoney FX survey   

More about the FX Survey

The FX Survey is the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative annual study available on the FX markets. The FX market is an unregulated OTC market and there are no reliable, aggregated, global statistics made available against which to benchmark the survey outside the BIS studies. The FX Survey allows market participants to discern the relative performance of the foreign exchange activity of the banks ranked in the survey. 

As well as quantitative data on a global, regional and client and product-type basis, Euromoney also publishes qualitative performance rankings across a similar range of categories.  View more information.


FX Survey 2014 Respondent Report

You can download our  exclusive FX data reports, defining the key trends and providing essential analysis of the FX industry. These reports provide a small sample of the data collected during our research process and are made available for free.

Download sample report from the 2013 non-financial corporate report
 FX report 2013