Portugal’s sovereign borrowing agency rebuilds bridges with wary investor base

Philip Moore
Published on:

Portugal’s sovereign borrowing agency is intensifying its focus on re-establishing relationships with existing investors outside the country and developing a dialogue with new ones.

For the government, in particular, intensive overseas marketing has been an urgent priority as it has worked to rebuild an investor base that has undergone a ratings-driven transformation over the past 12 to 18 months. "After the downgrade from S&P at the start of 2012 we lost a large part of our classic investor base, which was the core European institutions," says João Moreira Rato, chief executive of the IGCP, Portugal’s debt management office. "With French and German accounts selling, the priority when I joined the IGCP in June 2012 was to find an investor base that was less ratings sensitive. We roadshowed intensively and US investors played an important role in making up for the loss of core European demand."...