Cash management survey 2012: No sign of the cash cow drying up

Laurence Neville

Despite the constraints of some banks’ reorganization and forced restructuring, as well as prolonged low interest rates, transaction banking has become a vital contributor to revenues. Those with a strong presence in the business would like to push harder still.

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Four years ago – as Lehman Brothers collapsed and the world stood on a precipice – a number of the world’s largest banks discovered a gem in their product portfolio. Transaction banking had always been central to many banks’ offerings – without payments the global economy can’t function. However, almost overnight its combination of high returns on equity, annuity-style revenue generation and a sticky customer base made it irresistible for a sector that knew investment banking returns were about to nosedive.

A quick glance at the stellar performance figures from leading transaction banks for the year preceding the crisis was enough to convince many of the value of...