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FX survey 2015

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WireTap 0900 19/03/12

by Euromoney Skew

A round-up of the key stories across the specialist financial media, including news that today an auction will be held to settle as much as $3.2 billion of Greek bond insurance.

Greece auction to settle $3.2 billion of credit-default swaps

Credit-default swaps dealers will hold an auction today to settle as much as $3.2 billion of Greek bond insurance triggered by the nation’s debt restructuring.

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Swedish debt sinks as world’s best bonds become losers

Sweden, last year’s best-performing long-term government bond market, has turned into a loser for creditors as the biggest Nordic economy shrinks.

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Apple to decide on its $98 billion cash pile

Apple Inc, the world's most valuable company, will discuss on Monday what it plans to do with its $98 billion cash hoard, raising expectations it may meet demands to pay a dividend for the first time since 1995.

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U.S. made profit on mortgage debt

In the latest sign of the government's gradual retreat from financial-crisis-related programs, the Treasury Department is expected to announce Monday that taxpayers reaped a $25 billion profit on mortgage bonds purchased at the height of the meltdown.

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Greece over halfway to recovery, says PM

Greece’s caretaker prime minister insists that a “large, silent majority” of Greeks are willing to do whatever is needed to stay in the eurozone, despite near-daily anti-austerity demonstrations.

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