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Single-stock futures: Eurex hopes for SSF boom

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Ucits III opens the door to sustainable growth of single-stock futures. Over the past five years the exchange’s USF market has grown by an average of 57% a year, and there may be more to come.

By John Ferry

The market for single-stock futures could finally be about to take off, according to Eurex, the latest big exchange to list the products. Volumes have jumped month on month since the Frankfurt-based exchange premiered its SSF products in October. Ralf Dreyer, director and head of Eurex’s equity derivatives product design section, says the market might be about to bid farewell to several years of slow growth.

“We always said that as soon as we could see market demand for single-stock futures from our clients or their end clients, then we would be willing to set up that product segment,” says Dreyer. “That happened over the course of the last year, and that’s why we came up with the product in October.”