HSBC: special focus

23 February 17

Euromoney's recent coverage of the global banking group from its global footprint, management shifts and strategic overhaul.

Banking: Regtech promises better and cheaper AML and KYC compliance

20 February 17 | Peter Lee

Rather than moaning about the time and money spent chasing false-positive alerts of criminal or terrorist financing, banks ought to be sharpening up their own anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) systems or renting in better ones.

Latin America: How BTG came through the ultimate stress test

08 February 17 | Rob Dwyer

When Brazilian federal police knocked on the door of André Esteves’ Rio de Janeiro home on the morning of November 25, 2015, they were not only arresting one of the country’s most prominent bankers, they were also delivering a hammer blow to his bank, BTG Pactual.

Banking: Could HSBC finally crack the US?

08 February 17 | Mark Baker

Attempts to build a North America business have left egg on the faces of many senior HSBC executives, but now, with two key differentiators – its big balance sheet and global network – it may have figured out how to be an investment bank in the US.

Which bank of the future are you?

07 February 17 | Mark Baker

BNP Paribas said on Tuesday it wanted to be the ‘bank of the future’; it probably won’t be the last to do so, but it is certainly very far from being the first.

Regulation: The death of global standards

07 February 17 | Graham Bippart

Just as concerns grow that central bank monetary policy is under threat of becoming politicized, there are also fears that politics is corroding the objectivity of rule makers, putting the stability of the financial system at risk.

Emerging Europe: The past is not the future for Addiko

06 February 17 | Lucy Fitzgeorge-Parker

When Austria’s Hypo Alpe Adria collapsed after the financial crisis, it left a network of small Balkan banks – private equity firm Advent International has taken up the challenge of turning them into a profitable franchise, rebranded, root-and-branch reformed and under new management.

Trump escalates era of regulatory competition

06 February 17

There’s plenty wrong with post-crisis US bank regulation, but as the new US administration looks to roll back Dodd-Frank, its protectionist instincts might start a global race to the regulatory bottom.

The long road to gender equality

01 February 17 | Helen Avery

The finance industry continues to struggle with the disconnect between talk and action on diversity.

Vive la différence! Why French quirks endure

01 February 17 | Dominic O’Neill

France’s low-growth and highly consolidated banking industry might appear rigid, but jealousies and opportunism are keeping idiosyncrasies alive and kicking.