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The ambitiously acquisitive company’s bid for Cablevision may be a deal too far even for the very accommodative debt capital markets.

Banks are suddenly obsessed with potential of the distributed ledger in financial markets, but regulators must make sure it is used in ways that remove collusion and wrongdoing.

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Macaskill on Markets: Aspiration 2020

Macaskill on Markets: Aspiration 2020

Deutsche Bank co-CEO John Cryan took a clear-headed approach to most of his management overhaul in October. There are unresolved issues in the global markets unit that remains the bank’s revenue engine as well as the source of most of its reputational problems, however.

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti may just have ‘Done a Diamond’ with his widely reported message to bankers at the firm that they should take more risk and not be afraid to make mistakes.

China’s struggle to communicate effectively with markets was demonstrated by its scapegoating of journalists for supposedly worsening the crash in local stock prices.

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Turkey debate: Digital revolution opens new horizons for Turkish financial innovators

Turkey debate: Digital revolution opens new horizons for Turkish financial innovators

Turkey’s economy has been slow to go digital but increasing smartphone penetration is offering unparalleled growth opportunities for banks, mobile operators, e-commerce platforms and a host of new generation players. Striking a balance between competition and collaboration will be key as aspiring innovators face up to the challenges posed by big data, regulation and security.

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Back to the finance future

Back to the finance future

October 21 was a monumental day in history. It was a day celebrated across the globe. A day that some had waited over 25 years for. It was Back to the Future Day.

What unites Jaime Caruana, the head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Stanley Fischer, a veteran monetary official and now vice-chairman of the Fed, and Elvira Nabiullina, the Russian central bank governor?