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Big data transform treasury role

Big data transform treasury role

Companies are beginning to recognise that the insights garnered from big data can help them move towards the concept of real-time financial analysis, especially when combined with internal data from traditional data-management systems.

Cash Management Survey 2015: How to build a banking business around cash

Many banks now say cash management is the heart of their business, not just for the returns it can generate in its own right but also for the opportunity to pump other products and services through their networks. Euromoney’s survey reveals banks still have a lot of work to do to turn aspiration into reality

The do's (and don'ts) of winning a cash management mandate

If only winning a transaction services mandate were as simple as filling in the RFP document – though even that is getting ever more complex. Success requires a full understanding of the business you are trying to win, and the soft skills to make the relationship work. Plenty can go wrong along the way.

Sepa enables European treasury sophistication

Full Sepa implementation has facilitated the creation of an ever-more sophisticated corporate treasury landscape across Europe. The challenge now is to inform treasurers of its diverse benefits.

Chinese corporates reassess FX hedging

Having done well from their exposure to the RMB during the past decade, the currency’s surprise devaluation in mid-August should force Chinese companies to brush up on hedging strategies that were rusty at best, but many are instead simply focusing on opportunistic borrowing strategies.

US faster payments: Banking’s technological backwater

Fintech firms and foreign adoption of faster payments are revealing what many have long known – US consumer banks have resisted innovation in favour of profits. Now they face a death by a thousand cuts unless they embrace change.

Corporates gear up for BEPS reporting demands

Opinion is divided on the extent to which corporates are ready for the country-by-country reporting requirements of the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting project, as well as the work required to ensure compliance.

Global OTC derivatives reform gathers pace

Companies that use over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives to manage foreign-currency earnings exchange-rate risk will have taken note of recent pro-active developments on market reform in Asia and Africa. The next step – mandatory clearing in Asia – will trigger a wave of margin compression and shifts in market infrastructure.